Amazon Quiz Answers 15 September 2021: Answer Simple Question and Win Free Amazon Pay Balance


Amazon Quiz Answer आज लाइव है। आप सही Amazon Quiz सबमिट कर सकते हैं 1 सितंबर के जवाब आज। अगर आप आज का 1 सितंबर अमेज़न क्विज़ खेलते हैं, तो आप 30,000 पे बैलेंस जीतने के लिए अमेज़न क्विज़ 1 सितंबर लकी ड्रॉ में प्रवेश करेंगे। Amazon 30000 Pay Balance Quiz आपके सामान्य ज्ञान को बढ़ाने का सबसे अच्छा तरीका है।

Amazon Quiz 15 September 2021 Answers

Q1: Using data collected over the last three decades, a team of scientists from IIT Kharagpur created India’s first digital map of what?

Answer: (C) Soils

Q2: Which country was supporting Shahtoot dam project aimed at providing drinking water to Kabul?

Answer: (D) India

Q3: Scooters India Ltd, that recently shut down, bought the manufacturing rights of which Italian brand of scooter to India in the 70’s?

Answer: (A) Lambretta

Q4: Which city is this figure the mascot of?

Answer: (C) Singapore

Q5: Which of the following sportsmen has been part of a campaign by WWF to save this animal?

Answer: (B) M S Dhoni